21 Steel Frame Townhouses, Hope Island, Gold Coast, QLD

Dare to compare two steel frame manufacturers supply of prefabricated lightweight steel frames for townhouses in Hope Island. Arguably, not all steel frames are created equal; technology and material specifications play a key role in the final product.

Steel Construction Australia (SCA) supplied steel frames for 21 two storey townhouses.

SCA use the innovative Howick technology to manufacture steel frames that check all the boxes: Unique END-BEARING STUD Technology engages with the base plate and transfers vertical loads; wall panels have a CONTINUOUS noggin for added rigidity and convenience; stud are SWAGED to ensure a seamless junction and add extra strength; a TOTALLY FLUSH wall profile is achieved with DIMPLED recess for fixings; internal K-BRACE for bracing and flush walls. Noted by the installers on this project, was the rolled edges of our profiles, ensuring no nasty lacerations!

View this video to see how the competitor’s frames stack up!

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