Steel Construction Australia (SCA) supports Vertex Building Design Software (Vertex BD)

Vertex BD software is an extremely flexible building design tool aimed at residential steel frame, commercial steel frame and industrial builders using cold formed steel (CFS) technology. Using BIM technology, Vertex BD maximises productivity and accuracy by generating architectural and structural drawing sets, fabrication drawings, material reports, manufacturing data and architectural visualisations all from one building model.

Greater Efficiency: Shorter design cycle

Vertex BD includes a powerful 3D environment directly connected to the 2D layer, enabling many operations to be performed faster and easier. Working with intelligent building objects makes designing steel frames more efficient and allows meaningful data to be assigned to steel frame components. While the model acts as the single source of information, changes become easy to handle, estimating is effortless, and documentation management is controlled from publishing to printing.

Steel Wall, Floor Joists and Roof Trusses

Steel Wall Framing

Steel Construction Australia are able to design steel wall panels with ease based on user defined framing rules. Vertex can handle the most complicated framing details, including a variety of customisable header, backer and corner conditions. Our flexible environment enables us to interactively apply unique details and specifications to individual walls, panels or openings. We have complete control over tolerances, blocking, extra pieces, panel breaks, rake angles, sheathing – and more.

Steel Floor Joists & Steel Roof Trusses

SCA can complete the most complicated roof designs and make changes with ease. Specialised tools designed to work specifically with steel roof trusses make it easy to handle trusses or roof panels. Vertex creates floor systems quickly, giving us complete control over all aspects of steel framing, steel roof trusses and steel floor joists.

Productivity and accuracy

Vertex BD allows our designers to frame projects using panels or stud and track. Automatic framing tools and a wide range of advanced options provide complete control over the framing model. Panel size and weight can be optimised for easier handling and transportation. Once ready for production, automated building and frame elevation drawings can be created. Synchronisation between the 3D model, project drawings and NC manufacturing information is always maintained, ensuring no design errors and complete accuracy.
Vertex BD creates all construction documentation automatically in a variety of formats including DWG, DXF and PDF. Custom print/plot sets can be created that incorporate drawings from the Vertex detail book which can be updated by the designer.
Material reports can be exported into any format file. Standard document formats are included within the software to export material reports into text editors or Microsoft Excel® based spreadsheets.

Vertex Engineering saves money and time

In Vertex Engineering, structural analysis is available based on Australian or European codes.

After selecting the appropriate building code, loading information can be applied to the roof/truss structure and all members can be checked against their effective cross sections and the user defined load combinations. Design results are generated for each member and for each truss structure. Whether the design passes or fails, design changes are quick and easy using the Vertex roof generator and truss tools.
Once truss engineering criteria has been satisfied, the load down is transferred into the wall structure. Load bearing walls are defined during the design and the appropriate wind loads can be generated based on geographical location. Wind loading as both speed and direction can then be applied to the structure and wall bracing can be checked against defined loading tables.

Building Design, Engineering, Detailing and Estimating Software

With Vertex BD software we can design residential, commercial, industrial or any offsite portable building. The largest structure designed in Vertex was 11 stories. Structural/hot roll steel can be incorporated into Vertex projects, where required. Engineering and detailing is fast, simple and accurate.
Vertex BD is an open system that can utilize any manufacturer products. Custom and proprietary material shapes may also be added. Vertex BD allows designers to modify the framing after it has already been generated, enabling a designer to create just about any framing configuration.

Steel Construction Australia (SCA) only supports the latest and most innovative design software for steel frame design and manufacturing on the market. SCA is a proud partner of Vertex Australia.


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