Wall Panels

Our engineered steel wall panels are designed to expedite onsite installation  for steel frame homes. Features include factory fitted bracing and pre-punched 38mm service holes for electrical and plumbing connections. The 90mm stud accommodates in-wall toilet cisterns and high levels of insulation. Our unique end bearing stud ensures that the load is transferred to the bottom plate, reducing the shear force on the screws. Wall panels have  continuous noggings which are notched out to allow studs to pass through without compromising the flush profile. New generation 6mm heavy duty screws are used to fix sections together; a flush and seamless profile is achieved by fixing screws into the dimple feature on sections. This is of great significance where flush wall profiles are desired for application of sheeting and linings.


F e a t u r e s   &   B e n e f i t s


TRUE End Bearing Stud

This end bearing stud is unique to our steel framing technology. As an integral function, all vertical steel frame studs are manufactured with this feature. Tooling precisely swages the stud end inwards to allow for a perfect fit inside the track. This ensures that the vertical load is transferred to the base plate. Zero gap between the stud and base plate allows for complete transmission of load.

This technology was specifically designed for the construction of multi-level storeys up to 11 floors where vertical load transmission becomes a prerequisite for structural integrity. Whether your steel frame is for a single level, two-storey or multi-level project, the benefits of a true end bearing stud are advantageous in terms of load transmission. Without this technology, the load bears down on screws or fixings, which can sheer and shift over time.




A continuous noggin is advantageous because it adds rigidity and lateral strength to steel frame structures. Segmented noggins do not offer the same integrity. This feature is made possible due to the advanced tooling operations of our rollformer. Special dies notch out the noggins to allow studs to pass thorough without interrupting the integrity of the steel frame. This is possible as the stud is swaged in precisely the correct location to allow a seamless junction. There is no compromise to the steel frame and a flush profile is achieved for gyprock and cladding.


PRE-PUNCHED 38mm Service Hole 

Our steel frames are pre-punched with 38mm service holes for plumbing and electrical connections. Plastic grommets are supplied for insertion into holes by trades.



The prefabricated K-Brace is engineered to work together with the existing steel house frame to increase bracing against wind and other factors. Our structural engineer will design and detail the steel frame home to include steel k-bracing, strap-bracing and Hardies board, where applicable.


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Blue steel framing is available exclusively in TRUECORE® steel sourced from Bluescope