Steel Construction Australia has invested in the most advanced design and manufacturing technology. We believe in order to be cutting edge, we need to be progressive. We specifically chose Vertex design software and Howick rollformers as they represent the latest advances in light gauge steel design and manufacture.

Engineering Excellence

By using Vertex design software, we efficiently transform your architectural drawings into a 3 dimensional framing model. The Vertex engineering module performs a structural analysis by applying relevant loads to the roof truss structure. Once truss engineering criteria has been satisfied, loads are transferred into the wall structure. Load bearing walls are defined and the appropriate wind loads can be applied to the structure to determine bracing requirements. The end result is a structure that exceeds Australian building code requirements.


Vertex BD – The most intelligent framer

Manufacturing Excellence

Steel Construction Australia are proud supporters of arguably the most advanced rollformers on the market. The Frama 3200 is a CNC rollformer which accurately manufactures individual elements from the Vertex framing model. Each element is automatically punched, dimpled and cut to length. Various tool functions offer product advantages and benefits unique to Howick technology. Manufactured sections are assembled into a wall panel, roof truss or floor joist system. Latest generation 6mm heavy duty screws are used to assemble the individual elements.


Frama 3200 – the most advanced rollformer technology