About Steel


  • Are steel frames noisy?

    Most framing systems experience some movement at fixing points, however it is important to note that not all frames experience noise. Unlike timber our steel frames are joined with screws which eliminate movement, and therefore prevent noise. Extreme temperature changes may cause expansion and contraction of the steel which could result in an occasional squeaking sound.

  • Why is steel frames better for reducing risk of plasterboard cracks?

    A common problem caused by frame movement is the cracking of plasterboard. Being a water-based cellulose product, timber shrinks and expands according to environmental conditions. It does so at a rate that directly conflicts with plasterboard, causing the lining surface to crack, the peaking of ceiling joints and cracked cornices. Unlike timber, steel frames do not absorb water and are therefore more dimensionally stable

  • Is steel framing flimsy?

    The frames are light weight but once fixed together they are extremely strong, weight to strength ratios
    are far superior to timber.

  • Does steel framing pose an electrical hazard

    No. Steel frames are safe because frames are earthed and all new housing is required to be fitted with “safety switches” to protect against earth leakage in the wiring. A lightning strike will also have no effect because the steel frame creates a positive earth allowing energy to go to the ground.

  • Do steel frames interfere with TV or Radio reception?

    No, steel frames do not interfere with reception