Roof Trusses

The high strength to weight ratio of steel and the added benefit of being able to choose between various thicknesses, allows us to maximise spans and overhangs of steel roof trusses. Our engineering analysis considers all static and dynamic loads, including solar systems and air conditioners, ensuring that our steel roof trusses is aesthetically elegant and structurally sound. Our steel trusses are guaranteed to meet or exceed the National Association of Steel Framed Housing (NASH) requirements.

Steel roof trusses are manufactured off-site, so there is very little waste in production or onsite, ensuring a cleaner building environment. Our steel roof trusses are generally pre-assembled in the factory, however, very long trusses can be supplied flat packed and efficiently assembled on site. Most roof trusses arrive at the job site ready to install, eliminating common framing delays, allowing you to build faster and better.


Hip & Valley Roof


Panel Roof System


Custom Roof Trusses & Integrated Airconditioner Box


Cantivered Roof


Scillion Roof & Panel Roof Combination


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Blue steel framing is available exclusively in TRUECORE® steel sourced from Bluescope