Floor Joists

Our range of floor joists can be engineered to suit ground floor as well as intermediate floor applications. Floor joists are typically at 450mm centres, however, each project is evaluated and engineered for compliance. Our design engineers have the resources to design a floor joist system that is stable, quiet and suitable for purpose.

Our web floor joists allows for services such as electrical, plumbing and air-conditioning to be located easily within the web joist. Steel floor joists are shrinkage free, 100% termite, borer and dry rot proof. Steel joists are non-combustible and free from toxic chemical treatments. This ensures a safer home and healthier air environment free of volatile organic compounds.


Aerated concrete flooring on steel floor joists

Advanced accoustics, rigidity & termite proof

Steel Web Floor Joists with Aerated Concrete Flooring

Our steel floor joists are designed to support either 19mm particleboard or aerated concrete (50mm or 75mm) flooring. The advantages in using aerated concrete flooring include reduction in acoustics, increased strength & rigidity and zero tolerance for termites infestation. If you desire a construction that will stand the test of time with reduced maintenance issues, you may wish to consider aerated flooring as an option.

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Blue steel framing is available exclusively in TRUECORE® steel sourced from Bluescope